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T&G Optic Crushgrind Salt Mill In Soft Touch Putty 11881

Our Price: £30.00

  • 25 year Guarantee
  • Optic Crushgrind Salt Mill
  • With Ceramic Mechanism & Easy To Fill Through The Top
  • In Soft Touch Putty
  • 165mm 6.5"

 These mills contain the CrushGrind ceramic mechanism which grinds not only salt and pepper but also, using the same grinder, whole dried herbs and spices.

The inspiration was to create a soft organic curvilinear form finished in a soft touch paint finish which gives it a sophisticated ceramic finish. They have a stainless steel stopper which gives it a premium feel and also allows for an easy fill. it is available in both stone and putty colours.

Salt is an essential mineral component of a healthy balanced diet. Sea salt provides one of the simplest ways of meeting these dietary needs. As is the case with ready ground pepper, processed table salts are considered the least flavoursome by discerning cooks. This is because they often contain additives and anti-caking agents to provide easy flow.

CrushGrind® mechanism has its own unique grinding system which requires no central spindle and delivers excellent performance grind after grind. CrushGrind® Mills all have the CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism which achieves a finer grind than conventional metal mechanisms. Furthermore because this type of ceramic is an extremely tough material it guarantees excellent ongoing performance for many years. CrushGrind ® is easy to use, simple to fill and regulated by a simple rotating wheel at the base of the mill to achieve a fine or coarse grind.

Proven performance; test results established the mill in perfect working order after grinding 50 kilos of pepper and 50 kilos of salt through the same grinder – the equivalent of 400 years of normal domestic usage.

The mechanism can easily be removed making it ideal for cleaning and maintenance. As the mechanism is ceramic, it is also non-corrosive and non-porous and unlike metal it will not oxidise food – making it more hygienic.

All T&G Salt & Pepper Mills items come with a 25 year guarantee

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T&G Optic Crushgrind Salt Mill In Soft Touch Putty 11881