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T&G Capstan Crushgrind Pepper Mill 16" 25yr Guarantee Boxed FREE DELIVERY 11608

Our Price: £45.00
  •  25 year Guarantee                                       
  •  Capstan Crushgrind Pepper Mill
  • With Ceramic Mechanism & Easy To Fill Through The Screw Top
  • Boxed
  • Natural Hevea
  • (H410mm 16")

T&G truly believe in the importance of their mills, peppercorns like coffee beans taste best
when freshly ground!  T&G’s award winning CrushGrind® mechanism is the ideal choice as it allows you to effortlessly grind not only salt and pepper but also, using the same grinder whole dried herbs and spices. CrushGrind® is excellent for grinding dried herbs and spices which quickly lose both aroma and flavour once they are ground, because the essential oils very quickly evaporate. Buying coarsely ground dried seasonings and milling them when required releases the essential oils, restoring smell and taste to the level of fresh picked ones. 

Freshly milled Pepper is clearly superior if you compare it to the ready ground varieties available from supermarkets. Whole peppercorns contain a natural oil which gives pepper its distinctive flavour and quickly oxidises and looses its pungency once the peppercorns are ground. For maximum eating pleasure the pepper is best ground coarsely so that the final grind is done with the teeth, releasing the pungent flavour direct into the mouth. 

CrushGrind® mechanism has its own unique grinding system which requires no central spindle and delivers excellent performance grind after  grind. CrushGrind® Mills all have the CrushGrind® ceramic mechanism which achieves a finer grind than conventional metal mechanisms. Furthermore because this type of ceramic is an extremely tough material it guarantees excellent ongoing performance for many years. CrushGrind® is easy to use, simple to fill and regulated by a simple rotating wheel at the base of the mill to achieve a fine or coarse grind.

So that we can offer free delivery and in order to help the environment we use clean recycled packaging where ever possible. 
MPN: 5.01334E+12

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T&G Capstan Crushgrind Pepper Mill 16" 25yr Guarantee Boxed FREE DELIVERY 11608